Shared Plans

The Datacenter

Nettworkz locates all its servers in the EV1 datacenter which is strategically located on AT&Tís, Global Crossing and Cable & Wireless' OC48 / OC192 Global IP backbones. The ideology being to maximise performance, widen your Internet reach and optimise bandwidth capacity. Incorporating both interior and exterior closed circuit television, fire suppression systems, 24/7/365 security and technical support, backup power generators, power distribution systems, climate control facilities and a plethora of other amazing features, EV1 is the datacenter of choice for Hostmile.

Secure Entry

Access to and from the hosting and monitoring areas is controlled via highly secure mantraps. These single entry, hardened portals are extremely effective at limiting access to the facility to authorized personnel only, which once inside must be escorted by security personnel at all times. Security is paramount, and as such, is taken extremely seriously.


Power Augmentation

The EV1 power augmentation facilities are second to none.

The Network Operations Centre (NOC)

The NOCs are staffed on a 24/7 basis by skilled network technicians and analysts, who continuously monitor the data center network infrastructure for any signs of problems. Automated features as well as customized options help network managers to predict - and often, resolve - problems before they arise.


UPS Systems

These are UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems. In the event of a power failure, these battery backup systems will kick in to keep your service online, until the diesel generates kick in, or municipal power is restored.


The ATS System

This is an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), which puts the facility on generator power within 15 seconds in the event of utility power failure. Ev1 employs two ATS's and two generators with 1250 KW and 1,500 KW. More then enough power to keep services online even during a prolonged power outage.

Carrier Room

Three of the current fiber providers locate their equipment in this area. The cross connect panels are also located here. The core EV1/EV1Servers network systems and servers will also be located in this room. This area is served by redundant Data Aire 26 Ton units as well as redundant power distribution systems. There are also redundant DC rectifiers. All fiber takes redundant paths throughout the facility as well as having dual entry.

Server Area

The server area of the EV1 datacenter offers 65,000 square feet of space. Plenty of room to grow for the future.



Municipal Electrical

This is the panel where power comes into the facility. It receive 7,200 AMPs of 480-Volt 3 Phase power from the municpal power grid.


Backup Generator

To ensure that all servers, monitoring equipment, and infrastructure are fully protected during a power failure, the facilities Internet Data Centers are equipped with redundant dual AC and DC power feeds with multiple backup systems. This includes generators to support the Internet Data Centers in the case of utility power failure.


Fire Suppression

The EV1 Data Centre is equipped with fully redundant fire detection and suppression systems which includes the VESDA advanced fire detection system. VESDA is 100 times more sensitive than conventional fire detection systems.

Climate Control

You can rest assured redundant cooling, heating and humidity controls keep servers at the optimum operating temperature and environment to ensure maximum performance from our servers at all times.


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